Well, isn’t this awkward.

Writing on the internet often feels like shouting into the dark.

Sometimes you disturb the bats. Sometimes the darkness shouts back at you: “Keep the volume down, you drunk malarkey.”
At least, you assume it is a non-anthropomorphic-impersonification of a immortal being shouting back.

I’m Edwin. I illustrate and paint portraits. In a former life I was an art-director. Currently I’m married to Calliope den Ouden and try to manage the amount of cats around my person to create a semblance of balance, while I read books and listen to the Rolling Stones with alarming regularity.

If you want to use my art in a project, just send me an e-mail.
I dont bite, but chocolates are always welcome.

You can thank/blame my wife for writing this random about me page.